Jessamy Lennon

I'm Jessamy. I take GREAT photos of INCREDIBLE people!

let's get you in on that! 

Bright glasses and
ALL the rings.


"Love this for you!"

schitt's creek

Zach Bryan to T. Swift...


If I had to live off one food...


(caffeine me, please)

Chai tea lattes

Specifically, their squishy neck rolls. 



A few of my

My main focus in photography is working with teens & Seniors. I believe everyone can have a supermodel moment- you just need the right photographer to help create it!  

I’m the photographer who would LOVE to help you pick out the perfect outfit and dream up the perfect session. I am meticulous about details and serious about taking care of my clients. Planning ahead of time allows us to have fun the day of the shoot (and I'm always laughing...)

My photography style is bright and bold and refreshing. I show my clients how naturally beautiful they are and how others see them. So many can’t believe how good they look in photos, even when I give them a sneak peek from the back of my camera. I always hear, “Is that me??” or “How did you do that?!” And every photo is 100% them.

My clients feel comfortable and look great because I let them know exactly what to expect, help them choose outfits and locations, and give them tons of guidance along the way. 

My Style: Bright, Bold, & Fun


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